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Our Services

Client Events

Do your clients think they’ve seen everything? For us it’s nothing but a challenge to show them something different, and we’re not talking about a packaged product but an event that is custom tailored for your particular clients, for the style of the event, for your goals. Only the aim is identical—that your guests will thank you for inviting them!

Conferences and Exhibitions

An asset for every conference—initiating, planning and producing conferences, exhibitions, conventions, seminars and gala dinners of any kind and on any scale, including concept development, creative brandname design and professional registration services before and after the event.

Registration Services

Since every event is a marketing opportunity for adding people to your client base, we are ready to provide you with registration services for conferences and events. Our registration and telemarketing department offers up-to-date registration services and pretreatment of participants, in order to respond accurately to the nature and needs of any event.


Creative is our middle name. With all the sensations around us, one has to know how to innovate and inspire every time, which is why each and every pitch for an event gets sent straight to our creative department, where it will take off.

Leisure Events

With us involved, you can relax. Our leisure events include producing challenging and moving group consolidation days with a broad range of topics for companies both large and small.

Family Fun Events

That was fun! We organize fun family events in parks and special sites all over Israel, with a great variety of attractions and refreshment options.

Award Ceremonies, Toasts, Farewell Celebrations…

Moving ceremonies with a personal touch, unique content, appropriate ambience and meticulous execution. Cheers!

Getaways and Incentives

Ready, set, go! When you want incentive and bonus events that will motivate your employees to attain the required goals, we will be with you from the concept phase to the creation of the event, with topical trips, tours, workshops, and the actual implementation.

Brandname Launches and Openings

Let’s develop it! Launching a brandname that will achieve its desired effect requires innovative thinking all along the way, from how the guests are invited, to venue selection and creation of content that will enhance the brandname and achieve the goal— and we know how to do it!