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Our Services

Modular Production: Take only what suits you

The modular production method we have developed enables you to order only what suits you. From one or more services, to an everything included package with A to Z production—creation of an event concept, preparation of a detailed event plan, and complete implementation including design of ambiance and surroundings, styling, catering, DJ, photographer, invitations, and so on…

So, what is your dream?

We are the people who will turn it into a reality—with a lot of sensitivity, listening, and openness to your ideas and wishes—and with a lot of determination, commitment and willingness to make it come alive.

  • Wedding planning and production:

    from small, intimate weddings to weddings with numerous guests.

  • Bar and bat mitzvah celebrations:

    with a central theme, such as the Western Wall, a challenging excursion, a Jerusalem tour, and so on.

  • Private events:

    with diverse themes such as the Sixties, a colorful fairground, a championship league, the Old City of Jerusalem, and on and on.

One day all this will be yours…

And that day could be today. All you have to do is call us, make an appointment, and open the door when we get there. We’ll take care of the rest.